• Company: PlusMargin Pte Ltd
  • Founder(s): Viren Shetty
  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Website: plusmargin.com
  • Type of business: A.I. for ecommerce customer conversion
PlusMargin analyses customer's purchase intent and shows relevant and targeted on-site promotions to increase conversions and sales revenue.
  • Company: Nugit Pte Ltd
  • Founder(s): Dave Sanderson
  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Website: www.nugit.co
  • Type of business: Adtech
Nugit is an A.I. SaaS platform providing SME & Enterprise clients with actionable insights to optimise all forms of digital marketing.
  • Company: Digify Pte Ltd
  • Founder(s): Augustine Lim
  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Website: digify.com
  • Type of business: Data security
Digify enables businesses and individuals to share digital documents & files securely using state-of-the-art encryption.
  • Company: Singular ID Pte Ltd
  • Founder(s): Peter Moran & Adrian Burden
  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Website: www.bilcare.com
  • Type of business: Nanotechnology security system
Developed a unique patented anti-counterfeiting system for enterprises using nanotechnology. The unique labels can be read using a handheld reader connected to a GPRS mobile phone. Acquired by Bilcare in 2008
  • Company: Synaptic Technologies AS
  • Founder(s): Paal Kristian Levang & Henrik Silverkant
  • Headquarters: Oslo, Norway
  • Website: www.synaptic.no
  • Type of business: Internet-of-things
Develops solutions to bring all kinds of electronic objects online to create next-generation smart homes, smart citys and smart workplaces. Stake acquired by private investor in 2014.
  • Company: Domos Labs AS
  • Founder(s): Olav Nedrelid & Bent Erik Skaug
  • Headquarters: Oslo, San Francisco
  • Website: www.domos.no
  • Type of business: Networking, Internet-of-things
Domos Labs delivers apps & router software that creates an easy-to-use and self--learning solution for optimising WiFi connectivity in the home.
  • Company: Anacle Systems Pte Ltd
  • Founder(s): Alex Lau
  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Website: www.anacle.com
  • Type of business: Asset management SaaS & Energy management through wireless networks
Pioneers innovative yet practical technologies for the asset and energy management industries including MeshSense™, an innovative solution based on patented wireless mesh technology that provides cost-effective, real-time and high-accuracy energy & carbon emissions profiling.
  • Company: Anafore Pte Ltd
  • Founder(s): Dinesh Raju & Zach Cheng
  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Website: referralcandy.com
  • Type of business: Ecommerce referral solution
Anafore develops cutting-edge social media data mining tools to create smart leads for online merchants. Its first product is ReferralCandy.
  • Company: Mozat Pte Ltd
  • Founder(s): Michael Yin
  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Website: mozat.com
  • Type of business: Mobile communication & gaming
A world-leading mobile multi-platform social networking application that includes chat, messaging and email. It is currently available through mobile operators in the Middle East and Indonesia or for free at Mozat.com. Acquired by Saudi Arabian tech company in 2012
  • Company: Le Travenues Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Founder(s): Aloke Bajpai & Rajnish Kumar
  • Headquarters: Gurgaon, India
  • Website: ixigo.com
  • Type of business: Online travel
South Asia’s leading online & mobile travel search engine. iXiGO.com searches across multiple airlines, hotels, trains, bus booking sites & online travel portals to find the best travel deals. Acquired by MakeMyTrip and SAIF Partners in 2011
  • Company: Luxe Nomad Pte Ltd
  • Founder(s): Stephanie Chai
  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Website: theluxenomad.com
  • Type of business: Flash sales for luxury hotels & villas
An online travel agency that offers up to 70 percent off luxury hotels and villas for members.
  • Company: Ethos Technologies Pte Ltd
  • Founder(s): Olav Nedrelid
  • Headquarters: Beijing, China
  • Website: www.ethos.com.cn
  • Type of business: Outsourced tech consulting
Ethos delivered IT consulting services from its headquarters in China and offices in Norway and Sweden and focused on cutting-edge technologies and Enterprise 2.0 concepts into existing business models. Acquired by Symbio Inc. in 2011
  • Company: Greyloft Pte Ltd
  • Founder(s): Siddhesh Narayanan & Archit Agarwal
  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Website: greyloft.com
  • Type of business: Online real-estate brokerage
Singapore's first online real-estate agency making renting and buying property easier, safer & cheaper
  • Company: PropertyGuru Pte Ltd
  • Founder(s): Steve Melhuish & Jani Rautiainen
  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Website: propertyguru.com
  • Type of business: Property portal
Provides the most informative and easiest property search experience for buyers, sellers, renters and investors across Southeast Asia. It received a S$60m investment in 2012 to boost its regional roll-out.
  • Company: Kelkoo S.A.
  • Founder(s): Pierre Chappaz, Mauricio Lopez, Per Siljubergsåsen, William Klippgen, Philip Wilkinson, & Jorge Garcia
  • Headquarters: Paris, France
  • Website: kelkoo.com
  • Type of business: Price-comparison portal
With over a decade of expertise, Kelkoo is a one-stop shopping service which helps customers to find, research and buy products in 10 countries across Europe. Aquired by Yahoo! in April 2004.
  • Company: Tickled Media Pte Ltd
  • Founder(s): Roshni Mahtani
  • Headquarters: Singapore
  • Website: theasianparent.com
  • Type of business: Online parenting magazines
The online media publishing house behind the leading Southeast Asian parenting brands theAsianparent.com, Kidlander.sg, and Pregnant.sg.