Tigris Capital takes minority stake in secure document management system provider Digify

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July 15, 2014 – SINGAPORE –- Tigris Capital Pte Ltd announced today it has taken a minority stake in Singapore-based Digify Pte Ltd. The company delivers a secure document protection platform which leaves the document owner in control throughout the entire distribution lifecycle. 

“Digify adds a management layer on top of digital document distribution that companies need to remain in control, even after the material has left the outbox”, added William Klippgen, Managing Director of Tigris Capital. “We believe the global market for secure document management systems is at least USD $20b annually, and Digify is already a clear leader in this space with is simple-to-use, yet completely secure solution.”

“Digify is a view-only file sharing platform that lets people track and better understand who has viewed the files they have sent in order to gauge the interest of recipients. Senders can unshare the file anytime after sending, if sharing becomes an issue,” added Augustine Lim, founder and CEO of Digify.

Digify’s service is tightly integrated with storage services, such as Dropbox, allowing the millions of Dropbox business users to more easily and securely share and maintain control of their critical documents, presentations, PDFs and images. Users can now safely browse and send a Dropbox file straight from the Digify app. On iOS devices, if recipients try to take a screenshot, the sender will be notified and the file unshared. On all other platforms (Android, Windows, Mac) screenshots are blocked totally. Statistics in the Digify app shows who has seen it, for how long, and how often.


Visit Digify at http://www.digify.com/download

iOS version: Search for “Digify” in the Apple App Store.

Android version: Search for “Digify” in Google Play.

How Digify Works

Digify doesn’t store your files on its servers or allow recipient downloads. Digify converts senders’ files to an intermediate format for temporary display by Digify’s viewer via document streaming. Recipients cannot download content to their own devices, or share it with others. Digify also deletes the original files from its server after conversion. Once a file has self-destructed for all intended recipients, Digify deletes the intermediate file from its servers so that it’s gone for good. Digify supports PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and photo files.

Only you and the recipient can access shared content. Digify encrypts data at every point when it’s in transit between a device and a recipient, and when it’s at rest on a server. Data is stored using strong, multi-factor encryption, each object with a unique key. Digify uses the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), one of the strongest block ciphers available.

Protects your files in multiple ways. Digify detects and prevents screenshots and other methods of capturing information from a device, including via tools such as Apple Airplay or Droid @ Screen. Its desktop versions protect against known screen-capture and recording software, and won’t let the app run in a virtual machine for external recording.

About Digify
Digify was founded in 2011 by a team of professionals who saw the need for a simple way to control and protect ideas and content easily, freely and effectively. Digify is a freemium ephemeral content protection service for professionals to send and view protected self-destructing files on mobile and desktop. Using Digify, users can keep their content private after sending. Digify is tightly integrated with storage services, such as Dropbox.

Digify is a privately held company with offices in Redwood City, California and Singapore. For further information:http://www.digify.com.

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